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Shaken Fist, a minimal cloud aimed at small and edge deployments

For at least six months I’ve felt the desire for a simpler cloud orchestration layer — both for my own personal uses, and also as a test bed for ideas for what a smaller, simpler cloud might look like. My personal use case involves a relatively small environment which echos what we now think of as edge compute — less than 10 RU of machines with a minimum of orchestration and management overhead.

At the time that I was thinking about these things, the Australian bushfires and COVID-19 came along, and presented me with a lot more spare time than I had expected to have. While I’m still blessed to be employed, all of my social activities have been cancelled, so I find myself at home at a loose end on weekends and evenings a lot more than before.

Thus Shaken Fist was born — named for a Simpson’s meme, Shaken Fist is a deliberately small and highly opinionated cloud implementation aimed at working well in small deployments such as homes, labs, edge compute locations, deployed systems, and so forth.

I’d taken a bit of trouble with each feature in Shaken Fist to think through what the simplest and highest value way of doing something is. For example, instances always get a config drive and there is no metadata server. There is also only one supported type of virtual networking, and one supported hypervisor. That said, this means Shaken Fist is less than 5,000 lines of code, and small enough that new things can be implemented very quickly by a single middle aged developer.

I think Shaken Fist is useful to others. Its apache2 licensed, and available on github if you’re interested.

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First off, we don’t have a newsletter. That said, updates will be announced here as they happen. What we do have is useful links:

Release changelogs

Version v0.2 was when we started taking releases and upgrades seriously. Thus, its also when we started writing changelogs:

API documentation

There is some limited API documentation, its definitely a known gap.

Documentation for developers of Shaken Fist